Arizona Road Trip

Reposted from January 2014:

One of my best friends, Gina, and her boyfriend, Eric, moved to Arizona a couple months ago. Gina is my other best friend, Maddy’s, cousin, which makes things quite convenient for family gatherings! Gina and Eric were set to move into their new place over the weekend, so J and I decided to make a road trip out of our first off weekend and headed out to Scottsdale, Arizona. I was especially excited to have some time to relax with my favorite people and to visit Arizona for the first time.
Road trips can be great, or a drag. It’s all about preparing for comfort and making the best out of the time you have. The furthest I’ve ever driven by myself is a measly two hours, so luckily I had my travel companion for the 6 hour road trip. It’s easy to pack unhealthy snacks on road trips-chips, candies, and chocolates are easy to eat and conveniently packaged. However, with a bit of planning, it’s easy to make smart, healthy choices with the foods you take. J and I packed about three small coolers of food and drinks to take with us for the trip there, some lunches in Arizona, and the trip back. I will post a blog about healthy road trip snacking, soon, so stay tuned!
J and I inevitably got caught to Friday night traffic as the freeway links up to Las Vegas. We couldn’t leave until we were both done with work, but there was no choice but to drive out Friday. J brought Chipotle for dinner and we packed enough snacks that we only needed to stop for gas/stretch breaks twice. After a long, seven hour drive, we ended up getting to Scottsdale around 2A.M. It was so great to see Eric and Gina again, but we hit the hay as soon as we got there!
We went ‘sight seeing’ around Scottsdale and helped Gina and Eric move into their new (adorable!) place. I seem to keep other people’s spaces tidier than my own and find that unpacking and organizing their belongings is much more fun than doing it for myself! Gina headed the production of delicious chicken and avocado enchiladas for dinner! I will have to beg her for that recipe. ;) After dinner, we somehow convinced our boyfriends to do our makeup. Although I’m not a makeup user, it was fun to see the boys try to figure out how to use mascara, blush, lipstick, etc. Needless to say, looking like a geisha just doesn’t suit me. I’ll stick to au naturale!
Sunday evening was spent on the lake. It was beautiful, relaxing, and the time with my best friends was much needed.



The weather was absolutely perfect on the lake. Thank you, Eric, for being such a great fishing teacher!


  The drive back home was much quicker, of course, due to the fact that we left Monday morning. I made it back in time for the first rugby practice of the season and right after that was improv practice. I’m so glad I was able to refuel this weekend with the greatest of company. Although I probably won’t drive to Arizona during the summer, we already have plans to fly back and visit! And next time, I promise to take more pictures! : )

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