Bourbon and Tapatio Chicken Salad

Have you ever thought about how “a chicken salad” and “chicken salad” are two different things? The first refers to a bed of lettuce and chicken, while the second refers to a concoction of mayo and shredded chicken. Well, this is one of my favorite recipes ever and is a chicken salad.



Uncooked Chicken Breast
Stubbs Hickory Bourbon Marinade
Tapatio Sauce

Romaine Lettuce
Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing



Defrost your chicken breast and marinade in sauce. Make sure the pieces are covered completely and feel free to “massage” those suckers! Add four tablespoons of Tapatio sauce to the mix to give it an extra spice. Cover with saran wrap and let soak for at least 30 minutes. While it is marinading, prepare your salad. 

I used whole romaine lettuce because it was cheaper than the salad packs. Cut the leaves into small pieces, about two inches by two inches. 
Cut spinach into bite size pieces and mixed with lettuce. 
Cut cucumbers into thin pieces and diced tomatoes into small cubes. Add cilantro to taste. 




Grill your chicken until it is fully cooked. Slice into thin pieces. Top your salad with Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing and enjoy!





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