Casey Conquers the Dog Beach

For someone who lives less than thirty minutes from the beach, I don’t take advantage of it nearly as much as I should. Things have been hectic this summer, but we were finally able to make it down to Huntington. It’s hard leaving Casey at home by himself, and we try to include him as much as possible, so of course we needed a dog beach! I looked up some options on Yelp and came across the Huntington Dog Beach; reviews said it was clean, safe, and perfect for new pups .

We packed up our beach bags filled with human and puppy treats and headed down. For anyone who lives in the area, the strip of the beach isn’t clearly marked from above as dog friendly, so look for Tower 22. When we got there, I felt like I was in Heaven. No, seriously. I’m pretty sure that’s what Heaven is like: clear waters and TONS of dogs. I swear every dog breed was represented. It was like Noah’s Ark, but with just the best species ever. Sign me up for that boat ride, Captain!


We weren’t sure how Casey would act, but he did great. He was a bit hesitant of the waves at first, but we tiptoed around for a bit at first. Then we carried him in to get his feet wet (quite literally), before walking further for a swim. He’s been spending more time at the pool lately, so the beach was at least a little familiar for him. We kept him on the leash the whole time, which I highly recommend to all puppy owners. There were many dogs who were let off their leash to run; most were well behaved, but some needed to be restrained. A large lab was infatuated with Casey, and wouldn’t leave him alone. The owner thought it was hilarious that he tried to play fight with Casey. Me? Not so much….


Casey really did make tons of good frriends, and it was great seeing him acclimate to the new environment so successfully. His furry friends would pop by to say hi, and it made me fall in love with dogs even more. I wish I could have taken them all home!


He ended up having such a great time, that we took him back two days later. We grabbed a life vest from Petco for $18, because, well, this crazy Mama needs some peace of mind sometimes. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s a little worried about the water, or wants some extra assurance. Safety first!


I don’t think Snowy and Bijou would enjoy the waves, but hopefully we will be able to take Tux next time to join in the fun!



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