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Sea(Foam) You Later, Summer!

A delicate mix of blue and green, sea foam has always been one of my favorite colors. It adds a pop of unexpected color to outfits without overpowering what you’re wearing.

Its versatility makes it perfect for throwing on your living room walls, wearing to an evening gala, or even for adorning your kitchen utensils! And, of course, it’s wave like color reminds me of the beach, which I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to after such a beautiful summer…



NineWest Necklace from Macy’s $65

Monrow Tissue Narrow Tank from Austique $84

The Classic Backpack from Herschel Supply Company $40

Stella Mcartney Oversized Shades $300

Anchor Print Rash Guard from Sperry Top Sider $70

Now Introducing Heels from Modcloth $34.99

Nails Inc Chelsea Psychic Garden Nail Polish from the Hut $18

Loewe Scarf from TheRealTheReal $125

Big, Bold Statements

A fan favorite, I’ve decided to repost this from my last site. Enjoy!



   Statement necklaces are wonderful conversation starters that brighten up your whole wardrobe. They are versatile and can be paired with t-shirts, blazers, stripes, wedding name it. It’s all about finding the right balance. One of my favorite bloggers,SarahBelle93x, is great at putting together outfits with gorgeous statement necklaces and I’ve been inspired by her to put together some do’s and don’ts of wearing statement necklaces.

-Mix textures and shapes.
-Experiment with silvers and golds.
-Center your outfit around your necklace. The necklace should be the focal point.
-Be confident. This one is huge; rock your own unique style and be proud.

-Be afraid to mix different shades.
-Over accessorize with earrings, watches, rings, etc.
-Feel obligated to stick to one hue.
-Mix loud patterns with crazy intricate necklaces.
-Overdo your hairstyle or makeup. Keep it simple. Natural makeup and pulled back hair work best so that your necklace can do the talking.

(One) Necklace 21 Turquoise Statement Necklace with Rhinestones: $12.90 [HTWI: The turquoise hues would complement a long black dress with a plunging neckline.]
(Two) J Crew Deco Arrowhead Necklace: $99.99
(Three) BCBG Draped Bead Necklace: $148 [HTWI: Pair this gorgeous gold necklace with a black blazer and tight black pants to bring a little jazz to your office space.]
(Four) Fulfilled Designs Multistrand Colorblock Statement Necklace: $35
(Five) J Crew Flower Fan Necklace: $49.50 with 25% off using “SHOPNOW” [HTWI: Simple and elegant, the flower necklace will pair well with skinny black and white horizontal stripes, without taking too much attention off of either piece] 
(Six) Zara Teal Chain Cord and Stone Necklace: $29.90
(Seven) Kate Spade “Amalfi Mosaic Statement Necklace: $348 [HTWI: Adorned with bright, spring colors, this gorgeous Kate Spade necklace would look fantastic with a white, knee-length tulle dress and nude heels]
(All pictures were taken from the indicated websites and are not my property.) 

Bold Birkenstocks

I’m all about fashion trends reemerging, whether it be bell bottoms or high top shoes. However, as someone who grew up not understanding the aesthetic value of Birks, I was surprised to see them make a comeback. They’ve truly reinvented themselves with new shades and patterns that make them easy to center an outfit around.

These German beauties have great foot support and are made out of cork and latex, which helps keep your feet in good health.They typically run between $90-150, but they are a solid investment that will last long in your closet.

Here are four ways I’d style the comfy shoes!



 Overalls are “alls” the rage now! Pair them with a coordinated white crop tank top and white sandals. Top it off with a daisy flower crown to give some extra color to your boho outfit! 

Pink Daisy Garland Headband

White Tank Top 

Denim Overalls

White Gizeh Birkenstocks



Stay comfy and cool in this gorgeous black maxi dress. The unexpected pop of color in the teal Birkenstocks compliment the gorgeous striped handbag, both of which make great accessories for a summer night out.

RiverIsland Black Maxi Dress

Arizona Leather Mint Green Birkenstocks

Black and White Crossbody


These metallic pants are the perfect way to brighten up any wardrobe. Throw on a solid black tank, black Birkenstocks, and matching gold sunglasses and you’re golden! 

Gold Ray Bans

Black Tank

Sequin Embellished Pants

Black Gizeh Birkenstocks




Who doesn’t love running errands in comfort? Pair a vintage t-shirt, yoga pants, and solid brown Birkenstocks for a comfortable way to run around town. 

JCrew Knit Top
Arizona Two Strap Birkenstocks

What’s your favorite way to wear Birkenstocks? What’s your favorite style? 

Festival Outifts

A fan favorite, I’ve decided to repost this from my last hosting. Enjoy!

Ah, Coachella. You’re back again, effortlessly fusing together worlds of music and fashion into two crazy weekends. Diversity is huge among the performers this year, which means you can expect to see a wide range of styles, unique takes on basic pieces, and out-of-this-world pairings. With weekend highs in the late 90’s, Coachella will literally be a hotbed of great style. Every attendee brings their own personal contribution to the melting pot of fashion, paving the way for the rest of the year’s trends. I anticipate seeing a lot of kimonos, booties, funky patterns, and great floral head gear in the fashion roundups.

Here are some outfits I put together to help get your creative juices flowing for what to wear this weekend and next weekend. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated. (It’s the Mama Hen in me, I swear…)




Three: Optical Cool-usions
Tapestry Sundress $72
Madewell The Winston Boot: On Sale $144.99
Impulse Women’s Fedora Hat: $16.66


What will you be wearing to the festivals this year?

The Best Headbands EVER



As you can probably tell from pictures, I have long hair. And a lot of it, at that. To add to the chaos of it, I have tons of baby hairs that like to make little bird nests on the sides of my heads. I’ve always had issues finding headbands that fit my (slightly larger than normal) head and would stay on for rugby games. I also enjoy showing my personality on the field with bright colored and patterned headbands.

The lovely folks at Owl Be Sweatin’ reached out to me and sent me some absolutely gorgeous headbands. I received a  Robin’s Egg blue Chevron headband, a silver sequin headband, and Indian Summer. I fell in love with all the prints right away and had a very hard time choosing my favorites. (Honorable mentions: Aztec Warrior, Candy Cane, Land of The Free [Limited Edition, so act quick!!!], Wild Side, and See Ya Later Alligator).

I love wearing headbands during the gym and even on nights out. Here’s a picture of me at the gym, followed by one before I went out for a fun summer night. I loved how versatile the headbands were and how they were able to stay put on my head, no matter the activity.




I love that Owl Be Sweatin’ Headbands are….

Adjustable. I have a large head, but because of the adjustable band, it fit me perfectly. Sometimes headbands feel like rubber bands on my head, but these were perfect. They could also fit young girls, which is awesome. 

Machine Washable. I used to have headbands that would get so dirty from rugby games, but I couldn’t wash them. Owl Be Sweatin headbands are machine washable, which is great, because I like being clean! ;) Be sure to hang them to dry to preserve their greatness, though!

Affordable. I’ve spent upwards of $15 on headbands, even ones that didn’t stay on too well. These run around $12.

Stylish. I was able to style these headbands into my normal day-to-day outfits, not just the gym or rugby practice! I love using the silver sequin headband to spice up my outfits when I go out at night.

Non-Slip. I’ve had headbands that claimed to be non-slip fall off within one tackle or a quick run. These are truly non-slip. I went through an entire rugby practice, two mile run, and weights at the gym and I didn’t have to adjust the band once.

And it gets better….use the code “UNDERTHESTICKS” for a 15% discount at Owl Be Sweatin’! But, hurry, it’s only valid until July 31, 2014!

Here are some examples of some other prints I love from their Facebook! Which one is your favorite?







Please note:  I am not a paid spokesperson for Owl Be Sweatin. These opinions are 100% my own. I just really love sharing quality products with my readers. :)

Black and Denim

It’s no secret that black and denim go great together. Whether it be a black t-shirt and jeans or a denim vest and romper, the possibilities are endless. I love adding in animal prints to tie the whole outfit together. I opted out of dangling earrings and pulled my hair into a high pony tail because the scarf did enough talking. I kept the watch and wedges a neutral brown color, as well. I could swap the wedges out for flats and drop the jacket for a summer day or stroll on the beach.

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Jacket: Levi’s
Wedges: Nordstrom Rack
Watch: Fossil
Scarf: Gifted from Italy

Bijou decided to jump in for a few pictures, too! He’s the “middle” dog in terms of age, but he sure acts like the baby of the family. He’s such a cuddle bug and loves attention.