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Outfit of the Night: Fifty Shades of Green


I threw together this outfit for a birthday dinner last night and was in love with the pop of colors up top, subdued by my neutral boots and bag. The blouse has easily become one of my favorites; it’s flowy, bright, and super versatile. I could pair it with black pants and nude heels for a fancier outfit, too! Wanna know what the best part of the outfit was? My boots hid my ankle brace. Style and stability, friends!
Top: Vince Camuto
Denim: Old Navy
Bag: London Fog
Boots: American Eagle Outfitters via Crossroads
Hair: Blow Pro Dry Shampoo via SleekHair after light straightening

Win your own MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle!

Ever since I got my MOBOT, I’ve been using it nonstop. I’m usually bad at drinking enough water for the day, so I feel much more accountable now that I’ve been carrying it around everywhere. I’ve gotten so many compliments about it, especially since the Juicyfruit matches my cast right now! ;)


MOBOTs are perfect for staying hydrated, relaxing muscles, and keeping you at the peak of your fitness. It took me a while to get comfortable with foam rolling, but I’ve been devoted to it for a year or so now. Foam rolling has tons of benefits, and the bottles are BPA free, come in a variety of colors, and are easy to stash in your gym bag or purse. I’m heading out of town next weekend, and I’m definitely packing this in my bag. I don’t have any plane rides planned anytime soon, but I’m definitely taking one in my carry-on to fill up after I get to the gate. Plus, I’m sure it’ll double quite well as a pillow! One of my favorite features besides the obvious foam roller is the straw. Nothing’s cool about spilled water, right? Rumor has it you can easily fill it with a beverage/liquid of your choice, just do it responsibly!

Don’t freeze the bottle, though; if you want cold water, just throw some ice in it. It’s tested to hold up a ton of weight, so don’t be shy when it comes to rolling out. Needless to say, the MOBOT is perfect for athletes and non-athletes alike, because everyone could use a little muscle lovin’.  I’m not sure how no one thought of this before, because it’s absolutely brilliant!


There are a ton of great perk at their Indie Go Go campaign, too, so I highly suggest checking it out. You can split a three pack with your friends and save a ton of money!If you’d like to win your own MOBOT, head over to my Instagram. It’s open to US residents 18+, so hurry on over. Good luck!


 Disclaimer: MOBOT gifted me with my own bottle, as well as bottles for giveaway. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.


Twelve Thoughts You Have While on a Juice Cleanse

So you think you’re ready to try a juice cleanse? Here are ten things that will probably cross your mind throughout it all…

1. This is going to be easy. Drinking? Juice? I can do that in my sleep.

2. I need something to bite on. Bite. Bagels. Bagel Bites. CARBS!


3. Wow, this would make a really good mixer. Tequila is organic, right?

4. I’m not hungry. I’m not thirsty. Why do I feel like I could eat an entire McDonalds?

5. Oh my gosh. Why am I peeing so much? I must be a diabetic now. I’m going to lose my foot. Great. This is how it ends. A slow and painful death, caused by veggies and fruits.

6. I have to drink HOW MANY more ounces today?


7. Is guacamole considered a raw vegetable?

8. Could everyone just be a tiny bit quieter? There’s really no reason to yell….so-tired
9. These aren’t tears…they’re just juice particles. Leaving my eyes.


10. Ok, cool. I’ve got this under control. This really isn’t that bad. Only one more day to go. Oh, look! A danish!

11. This is completely worth it. I want to do this. My body needs this. Why is that danish still looking at me?

12. I LOVE YOU SOLID FOOD. I’ll never leave you again!! Except in three months when I cleanse again…


A Water Bottle…AND Foam Roller?!?

My friends over at Mobot Nation just launched their Indie Go Go campaign for the world’s first foam roller + water bottle combination. “Genius” would be an understatement. These easy-to-carry bottles are perfect for taking on hikes, to the gym, to rugby games, or even stashing in your purse for a lunch break roll out. Plus, they come in fun colors; who says rolling has to be boring? Help them reach their goal at their campaign below!

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Looking to get your hands on your own? Hang tight for a great giveaway!


And the Winner is…


I was blown away by the hundreds of entries for our Lilly Pulitzer for Target Happy Place tote. I loved hearing about dream vacations, much-needed summer accessories, and favorite pieces from the LP+T collection. Luckily a computer chose the winner for me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to choose just one lovely lady to win! Congratulations to our winner Charleen Nagy! I can’t wait to see how you style this bag and all the wonderful places you take it. Please message me with your mailing address, so I can ship this beauty out to you. :)

Did you miss out on winning this time, but want another chance? Comment below and let me know if I should host another Lilly giveaway! Until then, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Peace, love, and Lilly! <3