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Stocking up on Groceries



Grocery shopping is my favorite “chore” ever. I know some people hate doing it, but something about shopping and comparing prices is so relaxing to me. I shop everywhere from Trader Joe’s to Sprouts to Costco to Ralph’s. I don’t mind going from store to store as long as I’m getting the best prices. Luckily they are all within fifteen minutes of me, so it makes things easy.

Sprouts is a great place to visit on Wednesdays because it’s Double Ad Wednesday! That means that last week’s ad AND this week’s ad are in effect. Double the savings and double the food to purchase!

Examples of where I typically purchase things:
Trader Joe’s: Bread (1.99 a loaf), Orange juice (1.99 a carton)
Sprouts: Shredded cheese (2.00 for a small carton), Bread pudding (2.00 for a portion), Eggs (99c [sale] for 12)
Costco: Frozen chicken (16.00 for six pounds)
Ralph’s: Dog food (1.00 a can), Oranges (89c a pound)

I tend to do big grocery trips every two or three weeks and stock up on perishable items whenever I run out. There are certain things that I need in my fridge at all time. They include: soy milk, eggs, orange juice, cheese, bread, chicken, and some sort of fruit.

Where do you like to shop for groceries?