Holidays: Part I

“It’s not what’s under the tree. It’s who’s around it.”


As I get older and older, the holidays begin to mean something different to me. A holiday that once focused on receiving gifts, now means so much more to me. The holidays are now about giving back and spending time with my loved ones. Presents are just an added bonus! All my best friends have flown back for the holidays, which ┬ámeans there are shenanigans a plenty! It’s often hard because my best friends live all over the country; having them home makes my heart so full.

We got in the Christmas spirit by taking Bijou out to see Christmas lights over the weekend. Luckily he behaved himself, because he got to meet a look-a-like! ;)

Bijou and his twin.
Bijou and his twin.

My last day of work was the Tuesday before Christmas; I absolutely love my job, but I was happy to have time off to spend with my best friends who all had flown home for the winter. I went out to sushi with Maddy on Tuesday night; we hung out with her younger sister, Ali, afterwards and caught up on life. Their family is my second family, so it’s always great to have them home.

I was bad about gifts and had to finish up shopping on Christmas Eve. J and I grabbed In-N-Out for lunch and managed to get home in time to get ready for dinner.

in n out
Josh’s Double-Double with grilled onions & animal fries in back!


In N Out Under The Sticks
My grilled cheese with grilled onions.


My family, J, and my brother’s girlfriend Amanda went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner on Christmas Eve. We didn’t end up going to church like we had planned because my dad wasn’t feeling well, but we watched one of my favorite holiday movies, Love Actually, at home. Growing up, we would go to the 11p.m. candlelight service at church and come home a little bit after midnight, which meant it was officially Christmas. I liked the idea of waiting a couple less hours to open gifts when I was younger, but now I love waking up on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought! There’s something more exciting about it for me.

J certainly delivered by gifting me a Kitchenaid mixer. I was so excited that I started looking up new baking recipes right away.

Kitchenaid Mixer Under The Sticks
My new baby!


Stay tuned for those! I bought J a gold watch from Fossil (similar to this one, which he already has) , some accessories, and a gift card to start his PS4 fund. I also got some gift cards and kitchen accessories from my family. Overall, it was a fantastic Christmas and I was so happy to be with my loved ones.
I am happy to have any excuse to cook for large groups, so J and I volunteered to cook Christmas dinner. We went a bit nontraditional and made chicken enchiladas. The recipe will be up soon!

I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and family, so I do apologize for the delay on updates! As everyone flies home, I’ll have more time to post new recipes and giveaways. I hope you all are enjoying your time with your loved ones!


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