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Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard of the craze that is Lilly Pulitzer for Target. I’ve been a fan of LP for years (thanks Maddy!), but LP’s collaboration with Target was not only more aligned with my preferred price points, but also more accessible considering there are several Target stores within minutes of me, and no LP!

LP+T’s launch was an absolute mad house. LP lovers crashed the website, and when it finally came back to life, it was sold out within minutes. People lined up for hours and were faced with a “Black Friday” kind of situation; I heard reports of fighting, screaming, name-calling, and tons of item stealing. Items were up on eBay within the hour for ridiculous prices.

I wasn’t able to participate in the launch day madness that morning due to rugby, but I headed to Target that evening to see what I could snag. I was able to purchase items and sold them online at decent prices to online friends across the country…a relocation of goods, if I must.

I have made online friends who aren’t able to get any items in their stores (LP is MUCH more popular in the east and south than it is here in Southern California), and the hunt for satin dresses, shifts, and mugs, has taken over my life. I probably visited about ten different Targets a total of twenty times. I’m fairly certain the Customer Service reps at my local Target recognize me by now. I loved the rush of finding an item I wanted, as well as the ability to help fulfill others’ wish lists. It was tiring, and I was often discouraged, but somehow I did it. (I had to step back and remind myself that these are just “items”, so luckily I didn’t get too crazy!) After a ton of buying, selling, and trading, I was finally able to get my hands on the most coveted items.  I’ll do a haul on everything I got soon, don’t worry!

It took me almost a month to get everything I wanted, so now it’s my turn to help YOU all! I’m giving away this adorable LP+T Happy Place Rafia Tote. You can fit a spare pair of clothes, a towel, some books, and snacks for the beach in this gorgeous bag! Head over to my Facebook to be entered to win.


P.S. If you comment on this with your favorite item for the LP+T line, you get an extra entry!! :) Good luck!

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  1. I love my flamingo fan dance shift! Its super cute and fits like a dream. I’m a huge Lilly fan, and am always stalking the twice yearly sales, so I’m with you – target was a better price point, and the patterns are just as cute!

  2. The upstream romper is by far my favorite… I’ve gotten so many compliments :) makes me feel beautiful!

  3. my favorite would have to be my Happy Place shift and it was the one I second guessed. Perfect name for this line’s print!!

  4. i finally purchased my very first shift dress (the fan dance) and am so in love. Lilly may or may not be taking over my life.

  5. My surprise favorite is the happy place romper. The stock pics made it look so muddy, but the colors are gorgeous in real life!

  6. The floor cushion:) I haven’t found it yet, but it’s perfect for so many things that I’m still holding out for it!

  7. My favorite item from the collection (and my unicorn) are the giraffeeeey palazzo pants. But I seriously love my my fans turban!

  8. This giveaway is so nice of you! Happy place is my favorite print.
    My favorite item in the Lilly for Target line is the upstream shift. I will always cherish my unicorn because I wore out on my very first mother’s day and dressed my SON to match :-) Boy moms love Lilly, too.

  9. My favorite Lilly for Target item was the Challis Pom-Pom shorts in Upstream!! Looking forward to living in them this summer!!!

  10. My favorite item is the NP Maxi!! Such a delightful surprise! Online, it seemed washed out and not flattering at all to the (probably gorgeous!!) model. I was lucky enough to find it in store on launch day and fell in love. I even have a backup!

  11. My favorite piece has to be my Upstream bathing suit. As a bigger girl, finding a suit that is not only a one-piece but that also supports the girls is a HUGE success!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve always struggled with finding adorable bathing suits to hold everything in place…I love the upstream print, too!!! -nat

  12. It’s so hard to pick a favorite–everything is just so adorable! I think that the item that brings me and my family the most joy from the LP + T line is my adorable Nosey Posey hammock. We’ve never had one and I absolutely love how comfy it is. We all love cozying up in it in the evenings. :)

  13. My Nosey Posey Satin is a dream!! When I wear it I feel sophisticated and pretty (something that does not ever occur!)

  14. I adore the Nosie Posey Hammock!! It is the most comfortable (and large!) hammock I own!! Plus, it has ADORABLE cats hidden in the print!!

  15. My favorite item so far is the starfish cuff because it matches so much!!! Or the shift dresses :) classic and gorgeous. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  16. My favorite LFT pieces are the children’s maxis. I love the one I got from you, the my fans pattern! They are still a little long on her but I think they will be perfect for summer :)

  17. My favorite LFT item is the pineapple flip flops. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on them and living in Florida, they’re the perfect addition to a summer closet!

  18. The thing I want most from the Lilly for Target line is the Nosey Posie tote or the weekender large bag!

  19. My fave Lilly for Target item…wow that’s hard! I would say the Happy Place romper! It’s such an easy and cute outfit. :) Especially with my second favorite item…starfish sandals!

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