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Bruxie: Chicken, Waffles, & Perfect Weather

Happy 1st of September! I can’t believe the year has gone by so quickly. It’s almost time to bring out my boots and scarves for our chilly fall; well, by California’s standards at least. The weather was near perfect today, so J and I decided to take Casey out and have lunch at Bruxie, since we had an eFoodie deal.

I’ve been to Bruxie a few times in the past, but since it’s a bit out of the way, I’m far from a regular. I’ve ordered their waffle sandwiches before, which are great. The quality of the ingredients is fantastic, and the service has always been great. For those who are apprehensive of waffles in savory food, fear not. The waffles aren’t sweet, but have a perfect light, crispy texture.

I ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Cobb Salad, which came with chopped fried chicken, tomatoes, eggs, avocado, bacon, and bleu cheese, which I substituted for cheddar. It was topped off with ranch dressing and a thin, circular waffle. The salad was a bit pricey for its size, but it was tasty and hit the spot.


I gave the bacon pieces to this little cutie since I don’t eat bacon. And, really, how could I say no to this cute little face?

Josh ordered the Bacon Avocado Burger, which looked delicious! Since Bruxie is a waffle joint, the hamburger bun was replaced with a waffle. I’m fairly certain he finished it with a few bites. I asked him how he would describe it and he said “juicy, meaty, and bacon-y”. Well, sounds like he picked a winner.

Bruxie doesn’t have traditional sodas, so I ordered a “lemon lime” drink in lieu of Sprite, which is typically a rare treat for myself. It was good, and not too sweet. It reminded me of the drinks at Mendocino Farms.
J ordered a Strawberry Lemonade, which was perfectly refreshing. Plus, did I mention we got free refills?

My favorite thing about outdoor seating is the people watching. While so many people were fascinated by Casey’s cuteness (no, I’m not just saying that!), I loved watching the sporadic groups of people walking by.


There were a few other people in the patio with us, but besides that, it was pretty quiet. The food was delicious and quality was great, but given its price and portion, I wouldn’t go out of my way to have it on a regular basis.


I wanted to check out a new bakery across the street, so J and I split a “brookie”, which is, you guessed it: a brownie and cookie combo. It had a hint of coffee in it, but had the right texture, which is essential for the perfect brownie.

Similar to Bruxie, the prices were a little higher than expected, so I don’t plan on visiting too often. But, remember, it’s ok to treat yourself every now and again! When in doubt, say yes to the Brookie. :)

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day from Snowy, Bijou, Tux, and Casey Junior! Words can not explain the love I have for my four fur babies. Many of my life’s defining moments involve my dogs, and these memories will be with me for the rest of my life. It’s hard to explain the love of a dog to those who don’t have one, and it seems like only a dog lover could understand giving up your bed in the middle of the night, the warm cuddles, and slobbery kisses. A dog’s love is truly unconditional, and I can’t imagine ever being dog-less! While the dogs’ ages range from four months to eighteen years, they each bring their own defined personality and ways of making me happy.


Snowy: Snowy is eighteen years old, and still going strong. I first got Snowy to kick off the new millennium since my mom wanted a small dog. We had our beloved Blackie, who was a German Shepherd, and he welcomed Snowy with love. I’ll never forget the day my Dad brought Snowy (or any of my dogs, really) home. He was a small, white fluff ball of just three years. His old owners had rescued him from the pound, then sent him back after he ran away in a few days. Snowy didn’t run away from us, and we think it’s because he knew he was on thin ice! Snowy has always been independent, loving, and a bit anti-social. When I was sixteen, Snowy lost his eye, and has been permanetely winking at us ever since. He doesn’t have much energy now, but he is my true love bug. It’s hard to imagine I’ve had a dog for fifteen years, but I truly can’t imagine my life without him. I want to work hard to make sure his last years are healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Bijou: Bijou is probably the most toddler-like dog you will ever meet. At fifteen years old, he’s a bit slow moving, but that doesn’t stop him from being a loveable cuddle bug who needs attention. He doesn’t have teeth anymore, and he’s really babied. We got Bijou about fourteen years ago. He had been spoiled by his previous owners and virtually treated like a baby. That changed when he got to our house, because he got to play and have fun like a real dog. He ran away last year, which was one of the scariest moments of my life. It turns out he was rescued by the police after being found in traffic at 3p.m. Ever since then, he’s been back inside the house and soaking up every minute of it. He had a mild stroke earlier in the year, which threw everyone for a loop. Luckily he is feeling better now, and back to being our Bijou Bee, Ju Ju Bee, Jujubes, Little Ju Ju, Sookiri, and every other nickname he has. Bijou is kind, sweet, and affectionate, and that will never change.

Tux: One of the happiest moments of my life was when I saw Tux for the first time. After Blackie had passed away, we waited a while before getting another dog. I fell  in love with a black lab puppy at a rugby game, and we knew it was time to start searching for a big dog for the house. I remember getting picked up from school and my dad telling me to sit in the back seat when I tried opening the front door. I didn’t question it, and sat down. As soon as I looked up, there was a tiny little puppy in a blue bow sitting in the front seat. I screamed. Possibly even cried. Tux was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen, and I was so happy to have him. Tux is protective, loving, and a big baby. He’s the only true big dog in the house now, and he has done so much to keep me safe.

Casey Junior: Oh, Casey. My little bundle of energy. CJ ended up in our lawn the morning I was supposed to leave for a rugby trip. The plan was to keep him until we found his owners. J was over in the morning and I told him not to get attached, because we couldn’t keep another dog. Two hours later, it was finalized…J had ownership over Casey. . We didn’t plan for it, and I still think we’re crazy for getting another dog, but I can’t imagine life without our little man. Casey was named after the train from Dumbo, which is J’s favorite movie, and the flick that kept him sane during ACL reconstruction surgery recovery. It turns out Casey was born on the same day of J’s surgery, which we think is a sign. Casey is a blessing, and an adventure. We say “There’s a reason ‘crazy’ sounds like Casey”, because this dog has more energy than anything I’ve ever seen. I’m sure he’s part horse, or maybe fox. We don’t know what type of dog he is, but as he grows, we will hopefully get more details. I like to think that we didn’t rescue Casey, but Casey rescued us.

It’s Been a While…




Well, I’m alive. Barely. Life with a new puppy has been beyond insane. Not only does Casey take up a ton of time, but my energy as well. It’s unbelievable how much a new puppy can cost. It’s been ten years since we last had a puppy in the house, and the adjustment hasn’t been smooth as butter. Remember, an animal is a lifetime responsibility; be sure that you’re able to financially, emotionally, and physically take care of one before bringing it home. Between potty training and obedience training, I feel like a brand new mom. Goes to show I’m nowhere close to being ready to take care of a tiny human! :) Life has been insane, and I’ve missed blogging, to say the least. Now that things have calmed down, I’m ready to jump back into the organized chaos of it all.

I’m looking forward to trying out new recipes, and of course, sharing them! I can’t wait to put together my newest fall outfit ideas, travel reviews, and of course cover some new rugby updates.

Thanks for your patience! :) I’m excited to be back and kicking. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more frequent updates.

I’m a Mom?!

I’ve been MIA lately, I know. The real reason is…I became a mother. Well, to a new puppy at least! His name is Casey Junior, and he’s pretty much the most wild, loving, adorable, spunky pup I have ever met in my life. J and I didn’t plan to get a puppy, nor were we thinking of getting one for several years (I already have three dogs), but Casey literally showed up in our bushes one morning, and the rest is history!

We aren’t sure what kind of dog he is, but he has one blue eye and one brown eye, which sometimes changes to half blue. I guess that means he has 1 1/2 blue eyes and 1/2 brown eye? We are guessing Bull Terrier mixed with Husky, but even the vet doesn’t know. We’re expecting to be about 40 pounds, which is definitely manageable. (For reference, Bijou is twelve, Snowy is nineteen, and Tux is about 55.)
I’ve always known that having a dog is a lot of responsibility, but since it’s been literally ten years since I had a new puppy, this was quite the crash course. Casey Junior needs constant attention, feeding, and play time. All of a sudden he’ll end up sleeping, and he looks like such an angel that I forget all the holes he dug, hair he pulled, and shoes he bit. He takes up a lot of my time, and between him and planning the 2015 California State Rugby Games, life is hectic!




Don’t forget that having a puppy is a massive financial responsibility. Shots, food, medicine, toys…it all adds up. If you’re not ready to give up hundreds of dollars in the first month, constant time, and love, a puppy is NOT for you. I feel lucky that Casey came into my life when he did, and that I’m able to support this new lil’ bub, because I know this wouldn’t always be the case.


Casey is quite vocal, loves his panda stuffed toy, and is a big fan of biting buns. I’m so excited to have him in my life, and even though this is a massive responsibility, I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s going to be such an adventure seeing how he grows up and matures. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the happiness I feel from seeing all four of my dogs playing together!

I’ll be back soon when things calm down with more recipes, reviews, and cute puppy pictures. So hang tight!