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Native Foods Cafe

After hearing about Native Foods Cafe for several months, it was finally time to grub! I browsed their menu online and was able to order ahead of time so that I could grab my food for lunch and head back to the office.


I was so excited to see “Sri Lankan Curried Tater Bites”  on the seasonal menu. I mean, how could I not order them?! They were $6.99 I also ordered the kids meal (shhh!) with chicken fingers and a side of veggies for $4.99. I set my pick-up time for 1p.m., but my food wasn’t ready until 1:10p.m. No big deal, but in the future, I’ll set my pick-up time a bit earlier!

The food came boxed up. I forgot to take a picture of the veggies, but they were carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli. For a kids portion, the veggies’ portion was quite generous! No complaints here.

The taters were TO. DIE. FOR. They were absolutely delicious, and my only issue was that I didn’t order more. We call them “cutlets”, and in Sri Lanka they can be filled with potatoes, fish, or chicken. These were filled with potatoes and had an incredible dipping sauce. Next time, I’ll ask for extra sauce on the side. native4

Only three chicken fingers were included in the kids meal, and they had a more “baked” texture instead of “fried”, which I’m sure made it healthier. Y’know, besides the ranch dressing! The portion was small for me, but would be great for a child.

I topped my meal off with lavender lemonade, which came with my kids’ meal. It was crisp, refreshing, and tasty!

While Native Foods is a bit pricier than normal, the quality was great. I was able to get a small drink, a side of veggies, cutlets, and chicken fingers for about $12 and felt full. I can’t wait to go back and try some new menu items, too!