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Personalized Pumpkins

Personalized Pumpkins UnderTheSticks.Net


It’s finally October! Time to bust out the spooky decorations, candy, and of course, pumpkins. This year, I decided to put a twist into pumpkin decorating and turn to “unconventional” ways of sprucing up the pumpkins instead of carving. I fell in love with this type of decorating, and while it doesn’t mean I won’t be carving this year, be sure to stop by the blog in the coming days to see what else I’ve been working on. You can use large pumpkins, medium sized, or even mini ones. I will say, though, the smoother the pumpkin, the better. For today’s crafts, I used mini pumpkins…they were just so darn cute.
Painting pumpkins is a great way to put your own unique touch on seasonal decorations. It’s easy for children and adults, and no scary blade is involved. Feel free to be creative…use various paint colors, brushes, and embellishments.




In order to rid your mini pumpkins of gunk and dirt, clean it in a large bowl of water and dish washing soap. Rinse off and dry thoroughly. You don’t want any water leftover, as it will ruin your paint job!


 The way you decorate your pumpkins from here on out, is entirely up to YOU! That’s what makes personalizing your pumpkin a fun task. Here’s a couple ways that I decided to decorate mine.

Be sure to lay down a protective sheet. The last thing you need is a table filled with paint and glitter! I decided to spray paint the three mini pumpkins with a dark, glossy black. Be sure to wear gloves and to breathe carefully when spraying. I held the stem with a glove, sprayed the entire pumpkin, and laid it down to dry. I then sprayed the stem so that it was covered completely.

 I decided to use a blush & neutral color palette for my first set of pumpkins. Sometimes pumpkins need a feminine touch!

Blush & Neutral UnderTheSticks.Net


I decided to do polka dots in all shades for one mini pumpkin. The black really made the polka dots pop and I loved how chic it looked! Be sure to use as little paint as possible for the polka dots, or the paint will drip due to the curved surface. If you mess up, you can touch up the dots with a small paintbrush, or even paint around them in black paint. I plan to make a large pumpkin with the same polka dot pattern to complement it, so stay tuned!

Personalized Pumpkins UnderTheSticks.Net

The second pumpkin I made was painted entirely with pink blush. I then applied gold glitter by sprinkling the glitter very lightly while the paint was still wet. It helps to hold onto the stem and turn the pumpkin with one hand, while sprinkling with the other. If you’re using a bigger pumpkin, you can modge podge the entire surface after the base coat has dried and apply the glitter in steps.


Glitter Pumpkins UnderTheSticks.Net


I went on to paint another pumpkin a neutral khaki color, but I have yet to embellish it. I’m thinking lots of glitter, patterns, and maybe even some decoupage. What are your ideas? I’d love to try them out next. Let me know in the comments below!