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Mango Pineapple Salsa


Mango Pineapple Salsa Underthesticks.net
If you’re looking for the perfect summer salsa, you’ve come to the right place. I love salsas and dips, so it was about time I started to make my own! This sweet salsa has a tiny kick to it and is ideal for dipping with chips, on top of chicken, or even by itself. Plus, did I mention it’s super easy to prepare?

-3/4 large pineapple
-1 mango
-1 cucumber
-1 red onion
-1 tomato
-1 tablespoon salt
-1 tablespoon red chili pepper (or, to taste)

Slice pineapple, mango, and tomatoes into cubes.
Julienne cucumber and onions.
Add fruits and veggies to bowl. Cover and chill for 30 minutes.
Drain excess liquid if desired.
Top with salt and chili pepper.
If you want a more liquid-like salsa as opposed to chunky, throw all ingredients into the blender for 30 seconds.