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Summer at the Beach

I take many things for granted in life. One of those things is the great weather we have here in Southern California. I find myself at home on days I should be soaking up the rays. I have sensitive skin, so as long as I lather on my sunscreen, I’m good to go!

I headed down to the beach, because, quite frankly, it was too beautifulĀ notĀ to go. I stopped at Sprout’s to gather some goodies (muffins, mango juice, and pretzels) and was on my way.

J and I have a special beach that we go to a lot. It’s quiet, secluded, and a taste of paradise. In fact, I rarely tell people about it because I don’t want the secret getting out. Shhhh.

The weather was absolutely perfect and the water was so refreshing. Although the traffic wasn’t enjoyable, the trip made it worth it!

Southern California

One day I’ll own a house on the beach, you just wait and see!

So Cal