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A Water Bottle…AND Foam Roller?!?

My friends over at Mobot Nation just launched their Indie Go Go campaign for the world’s first foam roller + water bottle combination. “Genius” would be an understatement. These easy-to-carry bottles are perfect for taking on hikes, to the gym, to rugby games, or even stashing in your purse for a lunch break roll out. Plus, they come in fun colors; who says rolling has to be boring? Help them reach their goal at their campaign below!

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Looking to get your hands on your own? Hang tight for a great giveaway!


Palm Springs Weekend

It’s official. I’m a water baby. I love being in the pool, at the beach, or even in a warm bath. (Okay, who doesn’t…) I had a wonderful weekend soaking up the rays with J and my favorite people in gorgeous Palm Springs. I rented out a gorgeous house as a surprise for his birthday and invited our closest friends; his reaction was priceless!

Before our surprise guests showed up, I begged J to go on a morning bike ride. We decided we would bike to the nearby grocery store and pick up some breakfast foods. Thirty seconds into our bike ride I realized there was NO way I would be able to make it. The seat was so tiny and hard as rock. Oops. So we turned around, snapped a fun picture, and jumped into the car. Maybe next time I’ll bring my own bike. It would be so much fun to explore the country club.


The mountains were gorgeous and set quite a beautiful background. During the day, temperatures rose to about 105, which wasn’t awful. We didn’t use the jacuzzi much, but I would certainly use it during winter! We loved being able to hang out with our friends in the pool all day and relax. The house was wonderful! It had three bedrooms, three baths, a huge living room, a beautiful kitchen, a dining room, and a fantastic pool and jacuzzi! It was very neat because the backyard was right next to a golf track, which meant we were relaxing in the pool while watching golfers in the morning. palm-springs-pool

We were in the pool 90% of the time. I loved that we could go swimming at 2A.M. and it would be the perfect weather! The first night was very windy, but the other two were perfect. It felt like bath water!



J and I made pancakes for the household on Monday morning and devoured them near the pool. I loved being able to people watch and soak up the sun (underneath an overhead covering and outside fan!). It was sad to leave the house and even though we were only there for a weekend, it seemed like the house really grew on us. pancakes-in-palm-springs


We made a stop at the outlet mall on the way home and picked up some goodies. I’ll have to head out there again soon because the prices were really great. I love road tripping through California because of its wide array of landscapes. I had to snap this picture because it’s so different than home in Orange County! The trip was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to go back!southern-california-drive


I’m working really hard on drinking more water.  I have started taking water bottles everywhere in an effort to help flush toxins out of my body, cleanse my skin, and help digestion. It’s especially important to drink tons of water when the weather gets hot and fry.

J bought a cute mason jar to fill up water for me. I decided to try some water infused with fruits to give it an extra kick. I used cut strawberries (and later limes), but will also do oranges and lemons! It isn’t supposed to taste like fruit juice, but rather a slightly sweeter tasting water. 



I had some cut up watermelon as a snack. I cut it into cubes and throw it in a plastic container in the fridge so that I can easily grab it and go whenever I please. It’s perfect for bite size snacking. 



What’s your favorite way to get some extra hydration in during the summer?