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Fall 2015 Rugby Wish List


1.Atavus Grey & Green Hoodie ($54.99): Perfect for conquering post-workout chills, this hoodie is both durable and stylish.

2. Owl Be Sweatin’ “Do me a Solid” Headband ($14; use discount code “underthesticks15” for 15% off): These non-slip, adjustable headbands are guaranteed to stay on for rugby games without causing headaches. Plus, the reflective green will keep you safe on night time runs.

3. Adidas Predator Incurza SG cleats ($189.99): Nothing says slippery and sleek quite like completely black rugby boots. These new-to-the-market beauties are endorsed by Dan Carter, so here’s to hoping they make you half of good as a kicker as he is.

4. BLK Tek V Rugby Shorts ($24.99): I’ve always been a fan of white rugby shorts, and these are no different.

5. Engraved Whistle ($35): If there’s one thing that would wrap up my coaching outfit, it’d be whistle with my name engraved in it.